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Job Title: Registered Nurse  
Company: Beit Rafqa   Job type: Health and Social Care
Location: Lebanon   Date posted: Dec 06, 2017
Salary:   Employee type: Employee
Key Job Responsibilities:   Follow the instructions of the Head Nurse Follow the prescription of the Doctor in charge Respect the hierarchy and not take any initiative in changing medications or injecting IV without referring to the Doctor first Communicate and share, clearly and objectively, all information related to the residents with the nursing and administrative staff, in writing and on a daily basis Be responsible for the nursing staff and the residents Keep an updated comprehensive nursing care plan for residents Maintain a complete and accurate patient record as per policy Ensure that the treatments are given to the Residents as per their medical files, and add the time of the administration of medication along with your signature to the file Keep the residents’ diet updated and applied and help the Assistant Nurses in feeding them Measure the blood pressure and heart rate of the Residents every morning and evening and test their blood sugar before eating if necessary, and document the results to be seen by the Doctor Make sure that the residents’ rooms are clean: the sheets are changed by the Assistant Nurses, the rooms are dusted, the floor is clean and the garbage bins are emptied by the housekeeping attendants Ensure that the Residents are clean: they had their daily shower, their nails are clean, they are shaved, their faces are washed and their hair is combed by the Assistant Nurse Help Assistant Nurses in performing their duties such as changing the diapers and emptying the urinary drainage bag when available, and write down the volume of urine in the Resident’s file Monitor and report symptoms and changes in patient status Ensure that the resident’s position is changed at least three times a day Encourage the residents to move and supervise them in their movement Supervise the packing and folding of the laundry and the residents’ cloths by the Assistant Nurse Address the Assistant Nurse in a respectful manner without superiority Supervise the Assistant Nurses and make sure they are performing their jobs correctly and take responsibility of any negligence   Prepare residents and assist with patient examinations and therapies Answer professionally and respectfully to the residents’ demands and questions Respect the rules and procedures of sterilization and disinfection of the medical tools and equipment Keep the equipment in good condition and take responsibility for any damage that occurs due to a reckless behaviour Notify the Head Nurse and/or the Doctor in charge of any unexpected work related incident, and investigate to reach the root cause and take appropriate corrective actions Check the medication inventory weekly and when needed Be accurate when giving relievers and sign the prescription regularly Ensure that no medications and relievers are missing from the storage and report such incident immediately Report any shortage in medication and necessities one week in advance Report  to the General manager in case of conflict with any colleague Make sure that the hand over is done properly on the floor and that all colleagues are in their positions before leaving Implement the segregation and management of medical and non-medical waste Prepare the residents for transfer and discharge, as per policy In case of decease, treat the body of the deceased respectfully and prepare it appropriately to be moved to the morgue.
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