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Useful Forms
» Exit Interview

Exit Interview to evaluate your line Managers when staff is leaving. 

» Warning

Warning for an employee.

» Taxes on Salaries

Auto deduction excel sheet, you simply insert the basic salary for automatic deduction.

» Resignation Letter

Resignation Letter used to resign from a job.

» Job Offer

To Offer a specific Job for a specific employee.

» Clearance Form

To Clear the company from all payments, NSSF, and other legal issues.

» Absenteeism Form

Form for a day off or for paid, unpaid leave.

» Change of Designation

Change employee designation from Salary 1 to Salary 2, From Location 1 to Location 2... 

» Certificate of Work

To Certify that this person is working in your company.

» Employee Warning

Warning form to employees that are breaking the Human Resources policies.

» Application Form

A form for applying to a specific job or specific vacant position.

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