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Aug 08, 2016
Online shopping in Lebanon is today’s latest trend; the faster life is the more useful is online shopping. Imagine that you can check your required product in different stores in a couple of minutes and compare prices and descriptions. [...]
Aug 08, 2016
10 things why online shopping in Lebanon is totally focused on online shopping using malls like for people to do online comparing and shopping without the need for losing hours to find a specific item, [...]
Oct 17, 2013
How hard it is to miss your parents, your family, your friends, your hometown and your childhood memories. How hard it is to live day after day thinking of the people that you love, but you can never hug or even [...]
June 26, 2013
12 years in the recruitment and the Human Resources field, I saw a huge employee turnover in different companies reaching 21%. Job seekers and employees are always moving from a company to another, but if we look around carefully [...]
June 26, 2013
One candidate out of forty interviews will be considered for a vacant position in the Lebanese market. The problem as we all know is not in the quality of job seekers but in the quality of the interviews. Definitely we’ll [...]
June 24, 2013
Nowadays most of the mothers need to work for at least two reasons; such as to help in the financial support of the family and to feel that she is a woman not only a mom. When a mom works, she will have more confidence in [...]
June 20, 2013
When we look for a job we always look for stability and a good salary. Most of the time, we look for a big company with a high number of employees. But unfortunately, most of the big companies just care about their goals. [...]
June 18, 2013
2 secrets men & women should know in each & every relationship Lately wherever we go we hear about divorce, divorce turned about to be a severe fashion where couples will turn upside down from the [...]
June 15, 2013
3 stairs business men fall in when opening a new business. You will not realize how much important it is to grab a new company into your market than to have your existing customers. It is highly expensive [...]
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