Home Sweet Home (Lebanon)
Home Sweet Home (Lebanon)
Oct 17, 2013


      How hard it is to miss your parents, your family, your friends, your hometown and your childhood memories.  How hard it is to live day after day thinking of the people that you love, but you can never hug or even just see face to face. How hard it is to build hopes of going back home. Days, Months and years pass without even visiting your hometown. How hard it is to raise your kids without knowing their grandparents, their uncles, aunts and cousins. 

     Unfortunately, it is way harder and way more stressful to go live again in a country where you have to pay twice for electricity, twice for water, twice for medication… and of course extremely expensive schools even extremely expensive food, clothes and fuel. Please don’t forget the extra taxes (VAT).

     You work day and night to pay your necessities where you can’t even go out or take your kids to amazing places. You don’t have to forget the daily suspense. Explosions, murders, theft, hunger, traffic… In other words simple misery and at the same time you see most of the people driving brand new cars and having brand new phones.  No wonder why the Lebanese passport became one of the worst 10 in the world.

    Dear immigrants, if you are in an advanced country, appreciate it. Appreciate living in a safe place for you and your kids. Appreciate the governments that pay for medication for retired and handicapped people. Appreciate having water and electricity 24/24. Benefit from the advantages and let your kids live in peace, technology and openness.

    But still, love your country. Always hope that it is going to be a real country one day. Try to see your parents at least once per two years. They are the people who love you the most. It is where you were raised and lived your childhood. Keep Hoping and hoping...

Mariette Tuma










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