8 tips to get a job in Lebanon
8 tips to get a job in Lebanon
June 26, 2013

12 years in the recruitment and the Human Resources field, I saw a huge employee turnover in different companies reaching 21%. Job seekers and employees are always moving from a company to another, but if we look around carefully we see how hard it is to get a job and how easy is to leave a job.

                Looking into the exit interviews done in the last couple of years, I see a huge number of employees leaving jobs simply because they feel that they are not productive. But when I am in contact with those people again I see those people struggling to get a job. “I applied many time but no one called me”, and this is really true.

Here are few tips Lebanese candidate and job seekers should know so they can get a job in Lebanon:

1-      Never ever apply to a job that is not matching with your CV and career path

2-      When you apply, call the company and follow up, don’t just leave it an application like many other applications.

3-       Keep a picture so employer will be able to distinguish your CV out of many and make sure the picture is passport formal picture and not any other social one.

4-      Work on your CV hard including “spacing, font, size, objective, and summary”

5-      Keep your CV focused on one vacant position, employers will not love a CV with different random experiences.

6-      Try not to jump a lot from a company to another, at least stay 2 years in the company that you started with.

7-      Never use “I” in a CV even if the sentence is a fragment, that will reflect ego were employers will dismiss your CV.

8-      Finally, keep your CV as neat as possible; make sure employers can understand what you are working and what the job you are looking for is, in a maximum of 10 seconds when reading the CV.

At the end of the day, what I can do is wish you all the luck for your career development and path, don’t forget the competition outside.  

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” Thomas Jefferson

Good Luck!

Marc El-Beainy


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