A woman is not only a mom
A woman is not only a mom
June 24, 2013

Nowadays most of the mothers need to work for at least two reasons; such as to help in the financial support of the family and to feel that she is a woman not only a mom. When a mom works, she will have more confidence in herself, she will widen her education and experience, she will be an ideal model of hard work and progress for her family. A successful mom is a major source of pride for her kids.

It is really very important for a mom to feel that she is up- to-date with the external world. Her life is not only cooking, cleaning, changing diapers and preparing bottles of milk. She must feel that she is an essential member of society. But despite all the good points, how hard must a mom work to find equilibrium between family and work. How strong and intelligent must she be to be able to cook healthy food for her kids and play with them, have a microbe-free house and take care of her husband? How will she find enough time to look after her kids; their health, education and needs? Will she be able to always watch their behavior and always be there when they need her? How often do the kids see their moms extremely exhausted?

Most of the moms really feel guilty for leaving their kids a long time. They feel that they are not doing enough for them. They have an internal struggle. They always feel that they are not giving them enough attention and never listen soundly to them. They try to compensate their absence with materialistic things although they know that what their kids really need is a tight hug or few moments of tenderness or simple family time.

Dear working moms, you are super heroes. Raising a child and working is really hard and needs a lot of energy. But you must always remember that your kids are your most valuable treasure and your education is your weapon. Be smart enough; divide your time in a rational way. Always remember that first things come first!!!

Mariette Touma


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