An employee or a number??
An employee or a number??
June 20, 2013

When we look for a job we always look for stability and a good salary. Most of the time, we look for a big company with a high number of employees. But unfortunately, most of the big companies just care about their goals. They want to gain a certain amount of money in a specific period of time. As soon as the employee starts working they set his monthly or his yearly goals. He must really work so hard to achieve the required gains for the company.

In such a situation, will the employee be considered a person who has his own style, personality and dignity? Will he be known by his name among a huge number of employees? Unfortunately in such companies the employee is known by his employee number at the company and by the numbers that he achieves. He is really good as long as he’s achieving the goals of the company. He becomes useless and totally ignored if he doesn’t succeed to achieve his numbers in a certain period of time. It is sure that the changes in his personal circumstances, personal problems, and sickness are never taken into consideration. He must be a machine who always produces without getting tired or repaired.

Here comes the role of the employee as a person. Work hard; create your own style of work. Try to prove yourself in every second and every opportunity. Show your education and confidence. Never give up, let your dignity be in control. Prove that you are unique and irreplaceable. At the end, you can always find another job, but you can never find another ego, another you!!

Good Luck!

Mariette Touma

Adjointe au Directeur de succursale

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